Unmatch out now for iOS!

Unmatch is finally released to iOS.

Get it here

I’ve been working on this game for nearly 16 months now and if feels great to have the game out there.

So what now?

Well now it’s up to the app to do the rest right? NO. Now is that crucial moment when you really need to hit it hard. Send out another email to those press contacts and let them know. Send it to your friends, family, estranged relatives, that one guy from that one time, and everyone else you see. Yes, being featured or editors choice in Apple will help, but it should never be counted on to happen. If you want your app to gain visibility, then go and make it visible. I know (like me) you’ve been telling everyone about it for the last 6 months and you’re ready to sit back and soak in the praise. Too bad. Get back to work! Any experienced developer will tell you, just because the app is released doesn’t mean you’re done. Quite the contrary, you’ve only just begun.

But seriously.. please download my game. It’s fun.

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